Hoot Book Condition Guide

This is Hoot’s grading and pricing system. We know it can be difficult to decide if a book is in ``good`` or ``acceptable`` condition, so this guide is how we judge a book and determine a price range. We know other book sellers use different criteria, but when listing a book on Hoot Book Revival, please use our system. This way we are all on the same page and will avoid annoying each other. Thank you for your cooperation!

As in, I lost my mind and my list and accidentally bought more than one copy. (Tell me you haven’t done this at least a few times!). Or, we started to read this and didn’t like it, so I carefully placed it on a shelf until Hoot Book Revival came along and now I know what to do with it.

Price is on the high end and is about 70% of retail.

As in, we read this, but I taught my children how to perfectly care for a book and, wonder of wonders, they actually did.  To further clarify, we didn’t do nasty things like bend the pages, leave it on the floor to get stepped on or get any kind of writing utensil near it’s beautiful pages.

Price is still a bit above average at 60% of retail.

As in, we read this book and then I let my BFF and her kids borrow it. We still didn’t write  in it or step on it or use it as a coaster, but this book has definitely been read.

Price is average for a used copy, meaning around 50% of retail.

As in, we read this book, and then I let my BFF and her kids borrow it. We found so many interesting things in it that we have underlined a few things here and there and may have possibly written a few notes in the margins.

Price is average for a used copy, meaning around 40% of retail.

As in, some books are just meant to be written in and they look prettier with all those vibrant highlighter colors. The pages are still attached and even with all those pretty colors, the text can still be read, and the spine is worn but not broken. There may be some water damage.

Pricing is lower than average, meaning around 30% retail.

As in, we really really liked this book.  We liked it so much that we took it to the beach with us, we drove it around in the car to all those home schooling events, and we may have even stepped on it a time or two. Pages are not falling out but the spine is creased or broken. There may be some water damage.

Pricing is on the low end to reflect all the loving that this book has endured, meaning around 20% or less of retail.

As in, this book has seriously been around the block.  Why would anyone buy it?  Some of the reasons I would and have bought books in this condition are because I only needed it for one child for a short period of time; it is an expensive book that I didn’t want to invest in; I had trouble finding the book. Pages are all there but may be falling out, binding is broken. There may be water damage.

Pricing is very low, meaning below 10% of retail or free with price of shipping.