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Dear Daughter (Founder and CEO of Hoot Book Revival) asked me (mother aka Lifegiver) to tell our story.

“Long or short?” says I.

“Both.” says she.

Long starts way back in 1984 when I meet Dear Husband in college. Short starts way back in 2016. Or maybe before that with every single time I gathered my strength and courage to start buying and/or selling our home schooling books. Some books I was more than happy to get out of my house (I’m thinking of you, Math, and you too, Grammar). Others were much harder. When I touched them images of time spent together enjoying a fantastic story would flood my mind. Sometimes my connection to the book would be so strong that I would gently, nearly reverently, place it back on the shelf.

But I’m wandering, so back to the long story. We decided to homeschool before Dear Daughter (did I mention that she is Founder and CEO of Hoot Book Revival?) was born. It was an idea that had strong appeal to me since (going back even longer than 1984) I really, really did not like going to school. I, avid reader that I am, had stumbled across some information about home schooling back in the early 1990’s and that chance meeting set a new course for our family.

We did the usual. Just like you. We researched homeschooling, asked questions of those going before us, crossed our fingers, said a few prayers, broke the news to the extended family, bought a lot of books and took the plunge. It was a journey, let me tell you. Some days that big, yellow school bus was mighty tempting. We persevered. We walked, crawled, flew, you know, the usual. Just like you. The struggle to find books and then pass them along was real. Over the two decades that we home schooled, I tried it all.

Our journey was completed with the graduation of Dear Son in 2016. And a new journey started. I was left with a very quiet home and scads and scads of books. They were everywhere. Shelves, cabinets, drawers, under beds, bathroom shelves (I did mention that I am an avid reader) were all chock full of wonderful, glorious books. With no one left to use them. I had occasionally purged when space or money was needed for our new books. Then the long arduous task of book pruning would begin. So many challenges to overcome. Which tomes to part with? Where would I have the most success in re-homing? How much should I charge? It was awful, I tell you, awful. I hated it. I had tried it all: trunk sales in parking lots, conventions, word of mouth,  co-ops, that website named for a-famous-river-in-South-America, curriculum forums or just simply giving them away. I grew so tired of boxing and schlepping that I just stopped doing it.

My problem didn’t go away, it was just ignored. Then, in 2016, Dear Daughter (remember her? Founder and CEO of Hoot Book Revival) needed to write a  college business plan. And for that business plan she needed an idea. “Oh”, says I, “I know exactly what you should pitch! A website for homeschoolers to buy and sell their books!” Hoot Book Revival was born in that moment.

And that’s the end of the long story. And the beginning of another one. I hope you share your story with us on this website. Break out that long wish list of books you need and start shopping. Get those books you are finished with, dust them off and revive them by sending them to a new home. Share with your friends, homeschooling groups and let’s get this book revival going!

Natalie Webb

Natalie Webb

C.E.O, Founder

Natalie grew up in Centreville, VA, where she was loved, mentored and taught by three wonderful families; her biological family, her church family, and her homeschooling family.

While at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, she had incredible opportunities to travel and study abroad in South Korea, Florence, Italy and Sardinia. Natalie graduated with a BS in Entrepreneurship and double majored in Biblical and Religious Studies.

Following graduation she has been working hard on bringing homeschooling families a place to buy and sell their books. Natalie is currently volunteering with the Church of The Nazarene Disaster Relief Team in Florida following Hurricane Irma.

Connie Webb

Connie Webb

Mom/Mentor and Director of Customer Relations

Connie grew up in Meadville, PA, in a family that modeled and taught a passion for reading.

She graduated from Eastern Nazarene College with a BS in Biology. Staying in the Boston area, she went to work at Brigham and Women’s Hospital doing research for the Pathology and Immunology departments.

Love and marriage moved her to the fine Commonwealth of Virginia where she has resided for the last 28 years. She continued in her chosen field of Biotechnology research for 5 years until just after the birth of her first child.

She currently lives in Northern Virginia where she and her husband raised two children, two dogs and countless rabbits. She home schooled both children with the help of many wonderful ladies from PreK through 12th. Throughout the years Connie has taught Chemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, AP Biology and STEM classes to other home schooled students.