How will I get my money?

Hoot Book Revival is using a commerce platform that will deposit the funds into an account that the user has registered for.  The funds are held for a two week period to help protect both buyer and seller from fraudulent activities.   It also protects the seller from bounced cheques and scams by placing the funds into a secure third party site.


What if the product isn’t as described?

Once a book is purchased, the funds are held for two weeks before being dispersed to the seller.  This wait period helps protect both the buyer and the seller from potential fraud.  This allows time for the book(s) to be shipped, for the buyer to get them and to make sure that the book(s) are in the expected condition. If the condition of the book(s) is other than what was described (look HERE for book condition criteria) the buyer may contact the seller to make further arrangements.  Hoot Book Revival will not become involved in disputes of this nature.  If the buyer wishes to return the book to the seller, the seller will refund the price of the book to the sellers account.

I can’t see my posting, what happened?

Some of the fields for posting a book are required.¬† Please make sure that you are filling those fields in.¬† Postings may also be saved in “Draft” mode and will not be published.¬† You may determine the status of your posting from your seller dashboard under “Products” in the black navigation bar at the top of the page.

How long is my post good for?

Posts remain until it is removed by the seller (vendor).


Does it cost to use the site?

The site is free of charge for posting, browsing and purchasing.  The seller is charged a 10% fee once a book(s) has sold.  That fee is automatically deducted from the price of the book(s).


How do I register?

Registration is simple!¬† On the Registration/Login page, there is a link on the bottom right called “Create a new Account“.¬† Click on that link and follow the directions to set up a new account.¬† You can get there from here by using this link HOOT.


How do I sell a book?

You must be registered as a vendor or seller on the site.  You can set that up either when you register your account or from the My Account dashboard at the bottom.

Once you have set up your bookshop you can list books or full curriculums by clicking the “Add Product” button.¬† Some fields are required, so pay attention to those.


How do I find a book I need?

Use the SEARCH function at the top right of the dashboard.¬† You may search using a variety of criteria. It looks like a baby magnifying glass, a magnifying glass you’d expect a bumblebee to use. *buzzzzzz…..*

My photo isn’t showing up on my listing.

Yeah, I had this problem too.¬† Then Dear Daughter enlightened me. When a book is listed there are two options for loading photos to the post. One is called “Feature” and the other is called “Gallery”. Each option serves a different function.¬† The “Feature” photo will show with the listing. The “Gallery” option is for any additional photo(s) that you want the buyer to see when they click to see more information.¬† I use this to show examples of any writing or other damage to the book.

How do I cancel an order?

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I couldn’t finish a listing because I had to make dinner. Where do I find the draft I saved?

On your vendor dashboard there is a black navigation bar at the top. Click on “Products”. This will take you to a page that shows all your listings. The status of each listing is shown in the right hand column. Scroll over the left hand column to reveal action items.¬† Click on the action you would like to take.